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Content marketing is a way for clients to completely control how their stories are told in the media. Flash Media Services works with clients to successfully hone their stories, pitch them to the media, write them to satisfy both the client and media outlet, and help build the client’s brand through these well-told stories and opinion pieces.
"Cynthia Flash has been very helpful in promoting special events that happen at Heritage House at the Market. I truly appreciate her skill at putting what I do here into written form for use in the media. She was instrumental in getting the story of our Seahawk Superbowl rally in the news - both on TV and in the newspaper. I believe one of the reasons she is so skilled and talented at her craft is because she is genuinely interested in the lives of her clients, and that we all have an important story to tell. I trust her to tell our stories of Heritage House at the Market."
Eileen McCloskey
Activity Director Certified
Heritage House at the Market
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