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“I wanted to be sure and email you my sincere thanks for all you did to get the Harley article in the Seattle Times. We owe it to you for making those contacts and everyone is just thrilled with how it turned out! The photographs are absolutely amazing and I agree that if they haven't already thought of submitting it for a prize, they should. Rita's expression speaks volumes to her experience!”

- Cindy Sharek, Director, Providence Marianwood Foundation

The challenge in pitching any story to a major newspaper involves knowing what the story is, obtaining enough information to write an engaging and informative pitch, and having the right connections within the publication. Flash Media Services works with clients to successfully get their stories told in the media. Here are some examples:
• Homeless families with young children must be a top priority [view]
• Veterans Day a time to thank a brave but vanishing breed [view]
• Numerous articles placed on behalf of Northwest Kidney Centers [view]
• Child Care Resources providing parents ‘peace of mind’: [view]
• Local refugees become child care workers as part of innovative program: [view]
• For some in need, Facebook is route to new kidney: [view]
• Longest-surviving kidney-failure patient gets service award: [view]
• Kidney patient lives each day: [view]
• Oxygen Learning CEO [view]
• Providence Hospice of Seattle patient on KOMO-TV 2011 [view]
• You Are What You Eat: Ice on a stick!
Ballard News-Tribune, August 7, 2010 [view]
• Young, brave kidney patient becomes longest survivor
Mercer Island Reporter, July 29, 2010 [view]
• People in Your N’Hood: Rainier Valley Golfer Headed to U.S. Transplant Games
Rainier Valley Post, July 13, 2010 [view]
• Longest-surviving kidney-failure patient gets service award
The Seattle Times, June 27, 2010 [view]
• Scholarship will help Bellevue College student fulfill dreams
Bellevue Reporter, June 19, 2010 [view]
• Cauliflower mashed potatoes can help cut potassium levels
HeraldNet, June 1, 2010 [view]
• Keynote Speaker at Northwest Kidney Center's Breakfast of Hope,
John Piano, The Examiner, May 12, 2010 [view]
• Northwest Kidney Centers in the Seattle Times 2010 [view]
• National Philanthropy Day 2010 Honorees [view]
• Pioneer Human Services employees bring Christmas cheer [view]
• Providence Hospice of Seattle Death Rituals [view]
• Providence Marianwood Valentine’s Day story [view]
• Providence Marianwood HOG Ride: [view]
• ElderPlace gives seniors one-stop medical shop [view]
• Stakes high to help those with chronic diseases [view]
• Revving up Granny [view]
• Northwest Kidney Centers in the Seattle Times 2009 [view]

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